2015 Memberships and Sponsorships


TSHE is now accepting registration for 2015 Memberships and Sponsorships through the website. Since memberships expire at the end of December, we wanted to give everyone a chance to start registering for 2015 memberships at your convenience. Save yourself the hassle in January, and register today!

Also, we wanted to remind everyone that starting in 2015 we will be assigning Member IDs to each individual member, to streamline processes in the future, and allow us to better track our membership and monthly attendance. We will be charging for attendance at our monthly meetings for non-members, so you will need to have a Member ID in order to continue attending monthly meetings for free. We are hoping that this will help to increase membership in the organization, which will allow us to further our mission of providing “the absolute best in all aspects of quality health care.”

The TSHE board is already planning events and meeting topics for 2015, and we look forward to seeing you there!

TSHE Treasurer

Daniel Garman
Tri-Tech Engineering